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The Hiker March 2006
Scoutmaster : Mr. Bill Freeburger (
Assistant Scoutmaster: Mr. Walt Clary
Assistant Scoutmaster: Mr. Chris Gagliardi
Scoutmaster Emeritus : Mr. Art Williamson
Senior Patrol Leader: Scott
Chairman: Mr. Pete Gouldmann
Temporary Chairman: Mr. Robert Bell, Sr.
: Mr. Norbert Luken
Advancements : Mr. Skip Howe
Quartermaster : Mr. Mike King
Communications : The Hiker - Mr. Jim Vickers (; - Mr. Rick Lelonek (

Next Committee Meeting: Wednesday April 5th 2006 in the Parish Center at 7:30 PM. Please note the change in date - we usually meet on the 2 nd Wednesday.

Youth Protection and STAND Training:

The 6-month grace period for parents of new members of Troop 746 to take STAND and Youth Protection training has been eliminated. As of April 1st , ANY adult who wishes to attend an overnight camping trip with Troop 746 MUST have completed their Boy Scout Youth Protection Training. In addition, because our sponsor is St. Joseph Catholic Church, all adult leaders are required to have completed all paperwork associated with the Church-sponsored STAND Training. Because of the time involved, evidence of starting the STAND process will be accepted. Parents will have 6 months to complete STAND training. Please keep Pat Myers updated with any and all training you have received in conjunction with STAND or Youth Protection Training.

You will need each of these completed prior to attending any overnight trips:

•  Completed Boy Scouts of America Adult Application

•  Paperwork verifying STAND Application/Training process has begun.

•  Completed Youth Protection Program (in-person or on-line)

Up until now, you HAD to attend a district-sponsored meeting to get Youth Protection certified the 1 st time. Training is now available on-line for 1st timers. Simply access the following link and click on "On-Line Youth Protection Training" at the bottom left side of the Screen. Please have your Scout Registration Card handy to provide your registration number when prompted and print out a copy of the certificate when completed. Pat Myers will need a copy of this to keep the troops' records up to date.

Summer Camp: Unless you have been living under a rock, you have most likely heard about the Troop 746 Summer Camp on the C&O Canal. The difference here is YOU get to choose what Merit Badges (if any) you would like to take. We plan on bicycling the towpath in the morning and holding several merit badge classes in the afternoon. We need you to ACT NOW to make this work. PLEASE fill out the Summer Camp forms you have been given (available on the web site at and determine what badges you wish to take. PARENTS: we need volunteers to help out. Consider taking a week off of work to spend with your child (and several others) to help make this trip a reality!

2 Deep Leadership: As our troop evolves, we are having more and more older scouts join us on the camping trips. As a reminder, please remember to have 2 adults present at all meetings, etc that involve Boy Scouts under the age of 18. This applies to all members of the Troop older than the age of 18. Also, all members over the age of 18 are REQUIRED to have the STAND and Youth Protection training completed.

High Adventure Trips 2007: Mr. Mark Anderson is in charge of planning and organizing the trips to Seabase and Philmont in 2007. Please contact him for further information about requirements, deposits, dates, etc. at

2006 Easter Candy Sale: The one fundraiser that directly benefits the individual scout has wrapped up for the year. A big THANKS to volunteer Don Wilder who organized the Ester candy Sale this year. Please remember to pick up your candy THIS Friday at the Scout Building.

Special Olympics Saturday June 10, 2006 : Towson State University. Please keep this date open and give the troop a hand as the help out in this worthy event. More details are forthcoming.

Past Committee Meetings and Attendance:

December 14, 2005: Mike Cox, Calvin Anthony, Rosemary Podhorniak, Bob Bell, Sr., Bill Freeburger, Chris Gagliardi, Pete Gouldmann, Kim Stansbury, Mark Anderson, Jack Amrhein, Kathryn Holmes, Norbert Luken, Rick Lelonek, Linda Dulny and Jim Vickers

January 11, 2006: Chris Gagliardi, Calvin Anthony, Georgianne Lelonek, Rick Lelonek, Michael Conner, Stephen Colclough, Ellie Myers, Pat Myers, Kathryn Holmes, Jack Amrhein, Mark Anderson, Chris Burton, Bill Freeburger, Pete Gouldmann, Norbert Luken, Bob Bell Sr., Rosemary Podhorniak, Kim Stansbury, Mark Anderson and Jim Vickers

February 8, 2006: Stephen Colclough, Pete Gouldmann, Bill Freeburger, Chris Burton, Nick Podhorniak, Patrick Anderson, Bob Bell Sr., Rosemary Podhorniak, Calvin Anthony, Norbert Luken, Mark Anderson, Kim Stansbury, Georgianne Lelonek, Chris Gagliardi, Brooks Jones, and Jim Vickers

March 8, 2006: Stephen Colclough, Rick Lelonek, Calvin Anthony, Kathryn Holmes, Mike King, Mike Cox, Rosemary Podhorniak, Kim Stansbury, Chris Gagliardi, Norbert Luken, Mark Anderson, John Heinz, Brooks Jones, and Jim Vickers

From the Troop 746 Record Books: (Thanks to Georgianne Lelonek)

Citrus Sale Sales Slip Issue:

Many Scouts were confused by the Sales Slips on the final Citrus Sale in March because all of the selections were not included. Kathy Holmes has volunteered to add Murcots to next year's sales slips. Thanks Ms. Kathy!

Treasurer's Report:
The last invoice from Citrus Sales has been paid. Once the few remaining outstanding citrus payments are made, Mr. Norbert will have a better idea of the exact figure. It looks better than last year, but not what the figures were just a few years ago. We have added many new names to the call list from those sales we made outside of the church on those COLD mornings.

Fundraising Committee:

Co-Chairpersons Kim Stansbury and Karen Gouldmann have come up with a Fundraising idea that will increase our bank account balances. Preliminary plans call for a raffle with the main prize being Dinner for 2 every week for a year. This idea has been used elsewhere with great success. Karen and Kim are working on getting 52 restaurants to donate 1 Dinner for 2. Tickets will be $10 each. Since the expenses will be covered by donations, 100% of the sales of these tickets will go directly to the troop. More details on this exciting fundraiser as they become available.

Discussions about creating a Foundation to make it easier for larger corporations and businesses to donate to our troop are ongoing.

Troop 746 55th Anniversary - 2007 will be the 55th anniversary of the founding of our troop. The committee recognizes this and has begun talking about how to mark this occasion. Ideas are Welcome! Bring them to the next committee meeting: April 5th at 7:30 in the Parish Center .

New Eagle Projects:

Nick: Nick came before the committee in January to present his idea for his Eagle Project:

A Trophy Case for Ridgely Middle School 's Music Department. The case will have a retail value of almost $2000, but Nick hopes to complete it for approximately $800 in materials. The case will be made of Oak with a Plexiglas front and will be permanently affixed to a wall in the Music Department. The project has been approved by Baltimore County Board of Education as well as the Ridgely Middle School administration. The Committee approved the project with a completion date of June 2006. Nick will be assisted by Mr. Mike King as consultant and will need 10 or more volunteers to complete the task. Materials will be provided by donations from Home Depot and the PTA. Nick needs only 3 Merit Badges to complete his Eagle!

Patrick: Patrick came before the committee in January to present his proposal for his Eagle Project: 4 Coat Racks made out of Cast Iron piping to replace the current broken racks in the St. Joseph Parish Center. Patrick will design and build one of the racks by himself at home as a template. He then plans to get 15 of his fellow scouts to join him in making 3 more at the St. Joseph Parish Center. Total cost of the project should be in the $400 range. Supplies will be donated from Home Depot and/or Lowes. The Committee approved the project with a completion date of mid-April, 2006. Patrick needs only 2 merit badges to complete his Eagle!

2006 Camporee: Camp Saffran April 7th thru April 9th. The theme for this years' Camporee will be 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'. Start having your Scouts read the book and designing their patrol flags and skits around the theme. Some of the skill stations will be based on the activities that Tom and his pals may have participated in, so a working knowledge of the book will be helpful.

Friends of Scouting: Mr. Norbert is still accepting donations toward Friends Of Scouting. Our Troop donated a total of $2600 last year and we hope to surpass that number this year with YOUR help! Your donation of $125 or more will get you this years' patch. Contact Mr. Norbert for more information.

Attendance for recent trips:

Camp Horseshoe January 13 thru January 15

Scouts: Alex, Ricky, Patrick, Andy, Jim, James, Eric, Alex, Preston, Sam, Andy, Matt, Chris, Shawn, Robert, Ben, Tyler, Scott, Robert, Josh, Jim , Omari-Ali, Kevin, AJ, Dustin, Nick, Vincent, Jeremy, Dan, Cory, Brett, Mike, Drew.

Visiting Webelos: Adam

Adults: Mike King, Rosemary Podhorniak, Bill Freeburger, Pete Gouldmann, Brooks Jones, Stephen Colclough, Walt Clary, Joe Dulny, Georgianne Lelonek, Mike Cox, Mark Anderson, Chris Gagliardi, Ton Timmons, John Heinz, Kathryn Holmes, Jim Vickers, Charlie Myers, Chris Myers, Pat Myers, JD Dulny, Calvin Anthony.

Camp Rodney February 10 thru February 12

Alex, Jim, Brad, James, Erik, Sam, Alex, Preston, Andy, Matt, Chris, Robert, Ben, Tyler, Josh, Jim, Billy, Nick, Vincent, Jeremy, Adam, Cory, Chris, Brett, Nathan, Chris, Mike, Drew.

Visiting Webelos : John, Adam, Matthew, Cody, Connor.

Adults: Mike King, Rosemary Podhorniak, Chris Burton, Bill Freeburger, Stephen Colclough, Pete Gouldmann, Walt Clary, Rick Lelonek, Mike Cox, Kim Stansbury, Kathryn Holmes, Skip Howe, Joe Dulny, Jim Vickers, Chris Myers, Pat Myers, Calvin Anthony,

Visiting Webelos Parents: Jane Olsen, Rob Ryan, Phillip Bates

Camp No-Ray March 17 thru March 19

Not Yet Available.

Troop Calendar:


March 31 -- Regular meeting. Easter Candy pick-up 7:30-9:00 PM.


April 7-9 -- Dulaney District Camporee

April 14 -- No Meeting - Good Friday

April 21 -- Merit Badge Advancement Meeting

April 28 -- Regular Meeting


May 5 -- Regular Meeting

May 12 -- Regular Meeting

May 19-21 -- Biking the NCR Trail

May 26 -- No Meeting


June 16 - 18 -- Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail


July 15-22 -- Troop 746 Summer Camp. Bike the entire C&O Canal in the mornings. Earn merit badges in the afternoon.

Saint Joseph Fullerton Boy Scout Troop 746

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